About Us


We are changing the way communities think about restaurants.

We bring people together for extraordinary social experiences centered on food, drinks, and the arts.


Galley Group Inc. is a food hall development, management, and advisory company. We partner with real estate developers, community leaders, and industry veterans to create innovative food service concepts.

We are focused on creating unique high-volume food hall spaces to provide quality fare and top-notch bar programs in a communal setting. We offer chef-owners the opportunity to run their own businesses for low risk and low cost in our space.

At Galley Group, we focus not only on concept viability and uniqueness, but profitability and durability. To us, an exceptional food and beverage operation is one that creates positive change in the community while achieving strong fundamental financial success.

As a Veteran-owned company, we pride ourselves on operating with integrity, work ethic, and dedication to excellence. Wherever we go, our core values are present, from initial site design, to hiring and training staff, to managing inventory.

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Galley Group was co-founded by Tyler Benson and Benjamin Mantica, beginning with Smallman Galley, the first food hall restaurant accelerator of its kind in the United States.

Tyler and Ben are Navy Veterans who were inspired by world travels to bring innovative food and beverage concepts to the United States. The partners have built a team of professionals with top expertise in every aspect of food and beverage concept development and management. We believe we have the best team in the industry and we are willing to prove it with every project we take on.